About Sulgrave Estates


I’m Lucinda Watts, Managing Director of Sulgrave Estates.

If you’re looking to let out a property in the Maida Vale area, I’d like to explain how we can help.

The first thing you should know is that ours is a genuinely local agency

We live and work in Maida Vale and offer the best rates in the area, as set out clearly here.

You should also know that, once you’ve contacted us, we’ll get involved immediately.  As soon as we’ve viewed the property, we’ll advise on expected rental, the state of the market and any works required – along with some reliable contractors to do them.

We’ll then discuss the type of tenants you’re looking for

If you’re new to all this, I can assure you, I know how it feels – especially if you’re looking to let out your former residence. Will the tenants take care of if? Will they get on with the neighbours? WIll they pay the rent?

These are natural concerns, which I also experienced when letting out my own first property.  But don’t worry. We’ll do all we can to find your ideal tenants and, if possible, arrange for you to meet them beforehand.

Then again, you may be a professional landlord with multiple properties. We’ve been helping landlords manage large portfolios for some years now. We know what’s involved and we’re very happy to take on this type of work.

When everything is agreed, we’ll begin marketing the property

If all goes to plan, we’ll expect to get enquiries and viewings quite soon.  Obviously the market does fluctuate and there are some predictably busier periods.  But, whatever the circumstances, we’ll keep working on generating interest until we find the right people.

Once the tenancy begins, we’ll take care of everything.  Rent will be processed promptly and you’ll never wait beyond a day for your rent statement. If you’re a first time landlord, we’ll also provide a helpful guide and ensure you have the necessary EPC and Gas Certification in place.

Here at Sulgrave Estates we’re perfectionists

We make sure everything is done right, every time.  Ours is a personal service with plenty of long-standing landlord clients – and a 98% retention rate!

Two layers of protection for landlords

Sulgrave Estates is an ARLA licensed agency.  This is a voluntary code of practice, based on the highest professional standards. Gaining this licence involves the passing of exams and a requirement to take out client money protection insurance.  We also subscribe to the Property Ombudsman Scheme, another voluntary code.  Since both organisations operate redress schemes, our landlord clients benefit from two layers of protection.

We support landlords in other ways too

Our newsletter will keep you up to date with what’s happening in the market and inform you of any legal changes that are taking place.  For those who don’t read the trade publications, it’s a useful summary. There is also plenty of other good information elsewhere on this site.

So, if this all sounds like the kind of approach you’re looking for, give us a call and let’s see what we can do for you.

Yours sincerely

Lucinda Watts MARLA