Landlords encouraged to take Legionella Course

Landlords are being encouraged to ensure that their knowledge of Legionnaires Disease is up to date by signing up to the RLA’s Legionella course.

Legionella is the silent killer that could be lurking in taps, shower heads and air conditioning systems, and it causes hundreds of deaths each year according to Public Health England.

They report that there were 66 reported cases of Legionella in England and Wales in July 2017. This figure has increased by 38% from the same month last year when 48 cases were reported.

Earlier this year a 63 year old man in Norfolk died suddenly after contracting the disease after using a hose that had stagnant water in it to scrub his garden patio. He is believed to have contracted Legionnaires’ disease through inhaling the mist thrown up by the hose’s spray attachment.

Legionnaires’ disease is a form of pneumonia, and it is caused by millions of bacteria building up in hot and cold water systems, particularly when vacant. This bacteria, called Legionella, could cause ill health in humans and inadequate control of these systems could see both landlords and letting agents open to the potential for civil claims by tenants.

To find out more about the course please contact the RLA directly.

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