Landowners beware of Pokemon!

A midlands law firm has warned of the issues facing landowners when people playing Pokemon are on their land.  Martin Edwards says “If your land or premises are targeted as Pokestop you may find you are inundated with Pokemon Go users.  In extreme cases, landowners should consider seeking a court order excluding game players from visiting their land.  Landowners must also be aware of their obligation to safeguard any visitors while on their property, regardless of whether they have been invited or not as set out in the Occupiers Liability Act.  Crucially, signs prohibiting entry to gamers or court orders identifying this category of visitors as trespassers, will not negate landowners statutory duty to protect Pokemon users from harm.”

The way in which the game is played has led to a spate of accidents, with users falling into deep water, tumbling down verges and one group of gamers being stranded by a high tide, requiring rescue by the local coastguard.

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