NLA donates £10,000 to Tenant Tax Legal Challenge

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has announced it will be donating £10,000 to support the Judicial Review against the Government’s decision to remove finance costs for landlords.  The proposal has been widely criticized with a Judicial Review founded by landlords Chris Cooper and Steve Bolton as mentioned in our May Newsletter (available to read on the website).  The CEO of the NLA, Richard Lambert, says “We have yet to see an argument which would convince us to change our mind about the Judicial Review’s chances of success, but we have to recognize that there is always the possibility that we may be wrong. For all the humble pie I would have to eat, I for one would be quite happy to be proved wrong on this one, so as a goodwill gesture to the campaign in recognition of our shared aim of fighting for landlords, the NLA will donate £10,000 to the campaign fund.  The NLA is committed to continued lobbying to achieve a political solution to the problem presented by this disastrous Government policy and we are hopeful of a positive outcome for the hundreds and thousands of landlords whose businesses are currently in jeopardy.”

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