NLA hits back at Shelter Rogue Landlord Claims

Landlords have hit back at the latest claim by Shelter that over a million renters are victims of law breaking landlords.  Shelter’s recent survey uncovered problems ranging from landlords committing unlawful behaviour, entering homes without permission and not dealing with the deposit correctly.  CEO of the NLA (National Landlords Association), Richard Lambert, says “These figures highlight serious issues that are simply unacceptable, but our research shows that 82% of tenants say they are happy with their current landlord.  Furthermore, Shelter’s figures show the vast majority of landlords to be law abiding.  But it’s not a one way street – three in ten landlords (approximately 600,000) say they have been either verbally or physically abused by a tenant.  What’s important is that anyone who is harassed, abused or subject to what they believe to be illegal behaviour seeks immediate advice and reports the matter to the police and relevant authorites.”


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