Tenant Changeover Guide

TenantChangeoverOften groups of sharers start a tenancy with the best of intentions, but circumstances can change and sometimes one tenant may find that they need to move out before the end of tenancy.

Equally, one tenant may decide they do not want to renew the tenancy, but the other tenants do.

If a tenant wants to move out in the middle of the tenancy

The tenants are jointly and severally liable for the rent and all other outgoings (utilities etc.) for the duration of the tenancy. Therefore, if one tenant wants to move out mid tenancy they will have to:

  • give a minimum of one month’s written notice to the landlord or agent and their fellow tenants.
  • find a replacement tenant who is acceptable to both the landlord and the remaining tenants.
  • pay all necessary fees

Bear in mind that an incoming tenant will only be allowed to move in once they have passed tenant referencing. If they do not pass, they will not be able to move into the property.

The incoming tenant should pay their £90 (including VAT) tenant referencing fee and also provide copy ID (either passport or driving licence) to the agent. This can be done by e-mailing a scanned copy.

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