RLA Response to Landlord Tax Bombshell

Following last month’s article on the Chancellor’s tax changes for landlords, the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has challenged the Chancellor’s assertion that landlords are taxed more favourably than homeowners. It believes that restricting interest relief on finance costs to the basic rate of tax will affect tenants as well as landlords following its survey which revealed that two thirds of landlords would raise rents to cover the additional costs. The RLA has also held meetings with Treasury Officials and the HMRC to argue that these changes are wrong and to discuss new proposals for property taxation which would lessen the impact of the mortgage interest relief restrictions. In addition, the RLA has launched a campaigns page which comes with a tax calculator for landlords and a way to contact your local MP to explain how the changes would affect you. This page is on the RLA website under their “Campaigns” section and is available to all RLA members. Sulgrave Estates highly recommends that landlords join this excellent organization which now has 18,000 members.

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