RLA slams CAB Report on PRS

A Citizens Advice Bureau report claiming that the private rented sector is under regulated has been criticized by the Residential Landlords Association as being “plain wrong”. The CAB concluded that the private rented sector is “subject to comparatively little regulation” and yet the RLA has found there are 100 Acts of Parliament containing over 400 individual regulations affecting the sector. The Report also omitted to note that 84% of tenants in the private sector are satisfied with their properties, a significantly higher proportion that in the social sector. Chris Town, Vice Chairman of the RLA says “The RLA and the CAB share a desire to root out the criminal landlords who bring misery to people’s lives. To argue however, that the sector is not covered by enough regulation is simply wrong. Rather than pile yet more regulations on the sector, what is needed is better enforcement of existing powers, which hard pressed councils already find difficult to impose. Whilst the CAB and others can call for more regulations until the cows comes home, what use are they if they cannot be enforced?”

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