Tenant Tax Legal Challenge case to be heard

The legal campaign to overturn the Government’s decision to alter mortgage interest tax relief will be heard at the end of September.  The hearing will be to determine whether or not there will be a judicial review of the move to reduce tax relief from 2017 to 2020.  Landlords and organisations have warned that the move would put off potential landlords entering the sector and would hit existing landlords leaving them with little choice but to pass on the additional costs to tenants by way of higher rents.

Campaigners Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper will also meet with the new housing minister, Gavin Barwell on 9th September when the issue will be discussed further.  In a statement the two campaigners said “We will obviously be raising our serious concerns about the impact, making him aware of our legal challenge and doing the best job we can to help him become a supporter of our cause within the Government.”

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