Tory MP accuses Commons of imposing unnecessary legislation on Landlords

A Private Members Bill which would allow tenants to sue landlords if their accommodation is not fit for human habitation is to have a second reading in the Commons early next year. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill is being proposed by the Labour MP for Westminster North, Karen Buck. Ms Buck says “Why is a change in the law necessary after all this time? Quite simply, renting is on the rise, dramatically so, especially in the private rented sector. As I have said, many landlords maintain their properties well and fulfil their obligations, yet the fact remains that standards in the private rented sector are poorer than those in owner occupation.”

Conservative MP Philip Davies, who is himself a landlord, said MP’s seem to want to “impose on landlords as though they had nothing to do but wade through legislation.” He further said “it is unnecessary for the House to keep passing legislation that affects landlords because there is already lots of legislation that makes it perfectly clear that homes should be fit for human habitation. When this House adds more and more regulations, it does not achieve anything for tenants because there are already rules and regulations in place. All it does is pass on a huge burden to landlords who have to work out whether they are complying with the law today compared with what it was yesterday”.

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