Chancellor refuses to reverse Section 24

It appears the relentless campaigning and endless meetings with Government and Treasury officials by the RLA and other landlord bodies regarding George Osborne’s disastrous Section 24 policy have fallen on deaf ears.  The legislation that will remove mortgage interest as a legitimate business expenses for private landlords over the next four years will go ahead.  The response from MP’s and the Treasury are clear evidence that the concerns of landlords are not being heard.  Landlords had at least hoped for a softening of the policy by applying the changes to new purchases only, but clearly the Treasury do not care in the slightest about how their policies will affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of landlords and tenants and the misery it will cause.

The Landlord organisations, including the RLA (Residential Landlords Association) have not given up and are launching their biggest media campaign to date.  Sulgrave Estates urges all landlords to support this campaign – it is in the interests of every landlord who has a mortgage to do so.

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