Corbyn pledges to bring back Rent Controls

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to the Labour Party Conference has included a commitment to introduce rent controls. This represents a further attack on the private rented sector and will drive down property standards for tenants.

The Labour Party clearly has not learnt the lessons of history. The last time rent controls existed the private rented sector went from housing 90% of the population to just 7%. Whenever and wherever rent controls are introduced, the quantity of available housing reduces significantly, and the conditions in privately rented properties deteriorate dramatically.

Landlords, agents and successive Governments over the last thirty years have worked hard to improve the conditions of rented properties and this is like taking two steps backwards. Rent controls is not the answer – to bring rent costs down we need a concerted house building effort to increase stock in line with ever growing demand.

It is vital that landlords remain engaged and lobby their MP’s on this and the other proposed legislation currently affecting the private rented sector.

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