NLA pressing for council tax exemptions for void periods

The National Landlords Association is contacting every Local Authority in the UK to persuade them to agree a uniform council tax exemption for rental properties during void periods. Currently some Councils charge council tax on empty properties and some do not. Carolyn Uphill, Chairman of the NLA says “We have to remember that landlords have a legal responsibility to ensure the home they provide is safe and fit to be occupied and often essential maintenance or even larger scale renovation work may be needed before the property is suitable for new tenants. We often hear that more should be done to improve the standard of private rented property, yet councils still insist on making landlords liable for council tax between tenancies, which is simply another business cost that the landlord is faced with .

“The NLA believe that councils must play their part by allowing a reasonable exemption period of council tax. This would demonstrate they are serious about encouraging better standards in the sector and mean landlords won’t rush to re-let their properties without first ensuring they are up to scratch.”

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