Tenant Fees

Tenancy Agreement £100 + VAT = £120

For provision of an ARLA approved tenancy agreement including brokering any agreed additional clauses or amendments between the tenant and the landlord; arranging for completion and signature (electronically if required).

Tenant referencing fee £75 + VAT = £90

For the cost of referencing carried out by a professional tenant referencing company including credit checks, landlord and employer references, right to rent checks and any other information required to determine affordability of the tenant for their tenancy application.

Deed of Guarantee £75 + VAT = £90

This is required if the tenant is unable to cover the rent and the Guarantor is often a parent or guardian.  It includes preparation of this legal document, liaising and dealing with any queries the guarantor may have, and arranging for signing and witnessing by all parties.

Deed of Assignment and/or Addendum £75 + VAT = £90

For any amendment to the tenancy agreement, including contract negotiation and/or addition or removal of tenant.

Deposit Registration Fee £15 + VAT = £18

This covers the fee the DPS charge to register deposits under their Insured Scheme.

Tenancy Renewal Fee £100 + VAT = £120

For contract negotiation on renewal, amending and updating terms and preparing new tenancy agreement.

Change of Occupancy Fee £100 + VAT = £120

For a partial tenant changeover in the middle of a tenancy to include negotiating any agreed additional clauses or amendments; arranging for completion and signing of new documents and all paperwork concerned with making changes to the deposit and any proposed deposit deductions; liaising with tenants and landlord regarding partial check out/in and any updated inventory.

Check In Fee:  Varies

The check in fee depends on the size of the property, whether it is furnished, part furnished or unfurnished.  This fee can therefore vary quite significantly.