Tenant Check Out Guide

TenantCheckOutGuide_coverYou’ve given notice and the moving out date is in the diary. So what exactly happens on that day? Well, there will be an independent inspection either by the inventory clerk or the landlord. The purpose of this is to assess the current condition of the property which is then compared to its condition at the outset of the tenancy. It is this which provides the basis of what happens with your deposit.

The inspection will include meter readings and handover of all keys. You should also give a forwarding address. The checkout process is not a quick one so please allow plenty of time. A rough guideline is 1.5 hours for a lightly furnished one bedroom flat depending on size. Longer for larger and/or more fully furnished properties.

The property must be ready for inspection at the start of the check out. This means thoroughly cleaned and all your personal possessions and rubbish removed. Any extraneous items should also be removed. That chair you bought which you have now decided you don’t want cannot be left. The landlord will charge you for the cost of removing it.  See the complete guide >